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McGuffey Art Center
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Bob Anderson: Architect Statement

My Architecture is the natural extension of my work as a fine artist in drawing, painting, and sculpture, all of which are inspired by my passion for nature.
My desire with architecture is that it maintain and reinforce our connection to the natural world. This has led to a body of built and imagined work that is contextual. With an architectural foundation in design, a respect for history, and a love of natural materials, I seek an architecture that is functional, attractive, and mindful of its connection to environment and place in time.

I started my own architectural practice on April 1, 1986. I have evolved as a generalist, my specialty being the ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems. To me, architecture is the ultimate expression of art, where all aesthetic forms have the potential to converge with space, light, nature and sound, to foster a whole, multi-sensory environment. 

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